Google Apps administrators can now segment their users into different organizations and control which Google services are enabled/disabled for each of those different sets of users.

- Allows creation of organizations in a tree-like hierarchy
- Manage membership of users into one organization
- Specify policies for which services are on/off by organization

Updates have also been made to the Google Apps Directory Sync Tool and the Provisioning API to take this new functionality into account.

Editions included:
Premier and Education Editions

Languages included:
US English only

How to access what's new:
The Control Panel tab ‘Users and groups’ now becomes ‘Organization & users’. Click on this new tab to create a new organization.

To create organizational units:
1. In the organizational tree, highlight the organizational unit to which you want to add a child.
2. Click the ‘Add suborganization’ button..
3. Enter a name and description for the new organization.
4. Click the ‘Add organization’ button.
5. The new organizational unit appears as a child of the organizational unit you selected at step 1.

To enable/disable services for specific users:
1. Services that are disabled on the main dashboard will be disabled for all users.
2. Click the ‘Organizations & users’ tab.
3. Select the appropriate organization.
4. Click the ‘Services’ sub-tab.
5. Click ‘On/Off’ to change service settings or if it's a sub-organization, click 'Override this setting' or 'Use inherited' links to change settings.

- This feature is only available to domains using the ‘Next Generation’ version of the control panel. To enable this version in the control panel, click ‘Domain settings’, then ‘General’ and ensure the checkbox ‘Next generation (US English only)’ is enabled.
- This feature is being rolled out gradually.
- A user can exist in only a single node in the hierarchy tree.

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