Google Apps administrators now have access to audit logs of the control panel to view details of administrative changes that have been made to their domain.

Some examples that an Admin can now see:
- Changes made to users, aliases and organizations
- Changes made to various application settings in Gmail, Google Docs
- Changes made to mobile settings
- Changes in delegated administration

The reporting section (including the audit log) have now also been moved to the top-level of the Control Panel. This section is now immediately visible within the Control Panel making it easier for admins to access.

Note: Audit logs are currently only available to super administrators but in the coming weeks, we hope to make this feature available to delegated admins who have been granted access to view the reporting section.

Editions included:
Google Apps for Business, Government and Education

Languages included:
US English Only (Next Generation Release)

How to access what's new:
In the administrator control panel, select the new ‘Reports’ tab and then ‘Audit log’ to see the new feature.

For more information:
Help Center:

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